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Aviation style commercials

Breitling Travolta

Breitling Travolta

Some commercials are just awesome, they simply work. You may almost call them short movies that inspire to choose a brand. This website is about Aviation and lifestyle (as probably known) and gladly there are some brands that just focus on that, or profile themselves as Aviator suppliers. Today I saw the new Breitling commercial and really loved it! This simply works; A P-51, an exotic location, a pretty girl, a bike, what else can you wish for… right a Breitling! From Breitling we are used to get these stylish commercials. But gladly there are more brands that know how to inspire.
Check out these samples of aircraft and aviation in commercials.


Red Bull:

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Viva Aerobus Calender

Viva Aerobus Calendario

Viva Aerobus Calendario

Earlier I wrote a short note about the new Ryanair Calendar, I didn’t knew their Mexican daughter company “Viva Aerobus” has a similar promotion for years as well. Again it hasn’t much to do with aviation but somehow this cheap way of advertising draws  attention in mysterious ways (or at least my attention). There are also more recent calendars but the teaser movies are less good. Also they are less strict with the rules to apply as a model. Because they dont even have to be in the company staff (not even that!) This website is about Aviation so at least some Avation has to be involved 😉
2009 Edition:

2010 Edition:

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