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Britain from above, Nederland van boven, Deutschland von oben

Nederland van boven Last week the tv-documentary “The Netherlands above” was on Dutch television for the first time. A familiar scene for pilots but for many others a unique perspective from above. The program shows aerial images, animations and time lapse images from; train movements, infrastructure, traffic congestion, naval movements etc. Actually I think this might be called popular geography. The documentary is really informative and brings lots of funfacts combined with well made aerial images. It truly is a different view of the Netherlands. This program has been known of course in Germany (ZDF) and the first version is from England (BBC) by the obvious names “Britain from Above” and “Deutschland von Oben”. From Britain from above, I found this “trailer” that gives a kind of behind the scenes with some great air to air footage of among others a Eurofighter! The other series do not have much to do with aviation (directly) but contain beautiful aerial images are informative and are definitely worth watching!

Specially watch these air to air images from the BBC serie:

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