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Dutch Forces – Pilot Watches

About a year ago, the Dutch fashion brand “Dutch Forces” was launched. Acording to their own website: “A brand with rich symbolism, rituals and traditional decorations from the Navy, Army and Air Force together.” Looking at the logo of the brand its very obvious, as its a slightly modernised Dutch Airforce Patch. But its not just the logo, also the products itself and the marketing. Dutch Forces offers clothing and accessories but mainly it are the watches that appeal to us.

Dutch Forces Chronograaf "Air force"

Dutch Forces Chronograph "Air force"

With pricing starting at around 50 euros till about 350 euros (and everything in between) it is an accessible brand with an excellent value for money. Many watches have something special, whether it’s an engraved Patch or a time zone chronograph. The latest products are the “336 transport squadron watch” and the “Classical dual timer” especially in the 336 watch is clearly inspired by the logo of the squadron shown because its shown on the clock-face.
Dutch Forces ‘classic dual timer’

Dutch Forces ‘classic dual timer’

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Aviation style commercials

Breitling Travolta

Breitling Travolta

Some commercials are just awesome, they simply work. You may almost call them short movies that inspire to choose a brand. This website is about Aviation and lifestyle (as probably known) and gladly there are some brands that just focus on that, or profile themselves as Aviator suppliers. Today I saw the new Breitling commercial and really loved it! This simply works; A P-51, an exotic location, a pretty girl, a bike, what else can you wish for… right a Breitling! From Breitling we are used to get these stylish commercials. But gladly there are more brands that know how to inspire.
Check out these samples of aircraft and aviation in commercials.


Red Bull:

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Filmreview: The Aviator

Still of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator © 2004 Miramax Films

Still of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator © 2004 Miramax Films

Soms zijn er films die anders zijn dan anders,.. we kennen allemaal de standaard ingrediënten voor een “succesfilm” het is daarom leuk als een film die een beetje anders is zo enorm veel prijzen in de wacht sleept.
De film won maar liefst 5 oscars en 6 golden globes.
Naast de geweldige acteerprestaties van Leonardo Dicaprio is het vooral de sfeer van in mijn ogen de gloriedagen van de luchtvaart wat mij zo aanspreekt in deze film.

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